About Us

LaSante is a professional only, nutraceutical supplement line that will continually provide you and your patients with trustworthy, nutritional components that will support their “Good Health”.

As a family owned company, we believe in the definition of “LaSante”, and promote the translation of “Good Health”. LaSante was created in 1978 upon the foundation of providing nutraceutical formulations that contain the highest quality ingredients, to aid health care professionals in achieving optimal results. Over the years, LaSante has continually offered revolutionary formulas that can only be found through us. Currently LaSante offers over 110 nutritionally based supplements to serve you and your patient base.

Due to our commitment to quality, our products are distributed exclusively through Evolving Nutrition. Their shared values of providing personalized customer service, adds to the integrity of our brand, while allowing us to monitor and prevent online retail sales, at a reduced cost.


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